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Fabled Oddities

Braydhan is an intiuitive reader of oracle cards, allowing what omens and details speak to him from oracle cards like Liminal Spirits Oracle, Alice in Wonderland, and even others like Yggdrasil. He is also the proud purveyor of artifacts, sculpting wir ...

Category Readings
High Priestess Tarot School
PO Box 1651, , , , 82717-1651

The High Priestess Tarot School is a $7/mo membership helping students learn to read tarot. Tarot Practice Academy gives students practice with reading, and Magic & Intuition Mastery is a year long course to help students trust their intuition and step in ...

Category Places
Angel Heart Energy
424 N Cody Ave, , , , 59034

Transport yourself to a higher vibration with the energy-infused offerings from Shonna Dillon at Angel Heart Energy at the Body Mind Spirit event. As an indigenous artist, I handcraft uniquely spiritual pieces infused with high-vibe energy to uplift your ...

Category Art
Broken T Ranch
244 Tuke Ln, , , , 59754


Force Fitness
, , , 59601

Healing has never been more convenient and efficient. Get your mind, body and spirit needs met all in one place...the Force Fitness Studio. Train your mind, listen to your body and ignite your soul! QUALIFICATIONS • Group Exercise Instructor • ACE C ...

Category Exercise
Liz Cavin Naturopathic Doctor
1075 N Rodney St Ste 108 Suite #108, , , , 59601

Specializing In Women’s Health. Naturopathic Healthcare by a Woman for Women! You have a unique health background, to help me get a good grasp of how you are doing I take time to listen and get a thorough health history. This allows me to a good bluepr ...

Category Healthcare
B Bar Beef
296 Glasston Rd, , , , 59011

Certified organic grass finished beef, raised with stewardship and sustainability in mind. Our mission is to serve as stewards of these sacred lands, nurture them and assure their continued care for future generations by engaging in best ecosystem mana ...

Restore to Health Naturopathic Clinic
2860 Old Hardin Rd, Billings, MT 59101, , , , 59101

Dr. Jenkins is a licensed Chiropractor, Traditional Naturopath/Naturopathic Practitioner, certified Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and Functional Medicine Doctor in Billings, MT. The Restore To Health Naturopathic Clinic special ...

Category Healthcare
, , , 59601

Heart Opener | Mind Morpher Yogini, Channel, Energy Arts When sitting for an intuitive drawing with me, I psychically receive an imprint/image of you and locate where you are holding information for me to draw from. As the drawing begins, I intuit ...

Category Art
Gentle Healing Center
513 Saddle Dr, , , , 59601

A safe, inclusive yoga and meditation community where everyone belongs, regardless of race, gender or ability.

Category Exercise
Physio-Energy Therapy®
118 E. 7th St, , , , 59711

By blending two or more proven healing modalities Physio-Energy Therapy® effectively addresses a multitude of illnesses and ailments. Our approach is from a multi-dimensional aspect whereby the client receives the benefits of assisting the whole physical, ...

Category Healing
Happy Healing Soul
PO Box 1112, , , , 59068

Gena utilizes Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and numerous other avenues to release trapped energy that may be causing repetitive life patterns, physical illness, blocks to healing, blocks to relationships, and more. These 30 minute mini healing session ...

Category Readings
The Center  for  Somatic Healing
820 W 17th Street Suite 4, , , , 47404

We are committed to providing cutting edge treatment for trauma, stress, anxiety and PTSD.

Category Healing
Divine Harmony Healing
614 13th St N, , , , 59401

Sarah, a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, Quantum Healer and Intuitive Tarot Reader with 7+ years of professional experience, has many amazing abilities and a profound wisdom that simply cannot be explained by her professional titles. Gifted ...

Category Healing
Peace Bridge Reiki
36 S. Last Chance Gulch, Suite 10, , , , 59601

Michel is a Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Peace Bridge Reiki. She loves sharing Reiki, teaching Reiki, and connecting with other practitioners. Her style emphasizes an experience of safety and support to connect, share and explore Reiki. She offers Re ...

Category Healing
Crary Beef
891 Teton Canyon Road, , , , 59422

These black angus cattle are born and raised on our fourth-generation ranch. From birth to harvest, they are happily consuming omega-3 rich native grasses and forages along Montana's Rocky Mountain Front. They share pastures with a variety of wildlife inc ...

, , , 59701

Align with purpose, aspire with passion. Empower yourself & unlock your exceptional life. A warrior of light & personal development aficionado of over 25 years, April Lynn simplifies soulful success with online courses, Intuitive Mentoring/ Coaching, live ...

Sungems Design
, , , 59601

Sungems Design by Tina from Helena MT is inspired by all things sparkly and colorful. Harness the sun with light bending prisms, windchimes, plant terrariums, plant holders, and many other items made with a variety of gemstones, crystals, antique glas ...

Category Store
Spring Integrative Health
962 Stoneridge Dr. Suite 2, , , , 59718

Find Your Health with our comprehensive functional medicine team. We are a multi-disciplinary team of providers in the Bozeman area that collaborates with each other and the community to provide our patients with the most effective treatment options. O ...

Category Healthcare
40 First Ave W Suite 102, , , , 58601

Reiki is an alternative therapy that aims to manipulate the body's energy for promoting healing and relaxation. It was developed in Japan during the early 20th century by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk. The term 'Reiki' originates from the Japanese words "re ...

Category Healing
Up Against the Ropes Yoga
Alice St, , , , 59601

Up Against the Ropes Yoga is a private yoga studio located in Helena, Montana. We offer a variety of different yoga classes, including Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Runners, Trauma Informed Yoga and Hot Stone Restorative Yoga. Additionally, we provide a varie ...

Category Exercise
Master Psychic Kathleen Johns
321 E Main St #201, Bozeman, MT 59715, , , , 59715

Category Readings
34681 Top O' Deep Road, , , , 59823

WILDCRAFTED, ORGANIC SKINCARE Age-Defying Skincare made with wildcrafted and organic ingredients that nourish your skin to give you a healthy glow. Our Organic Botanical Skincare and Aromatherapy Body Care products are made with the freshest and purest i ...

Wild Wisdom Collective
7 S Tracy Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715, , , , 59715

Our mission at Wild Wisdom Restorative is to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine, while also acknowledging & incorporating services that may intertwine with the etheric realm. Wild Wisdom is also a place to build community and provide ...

Category Store
Frodo's Massage and Energy Medicine
427 N Tracy Ave, , , , 59715

Swedish, Deeptissue, Accupressure, Craniosacral Therapy Graduate of the Mckay Method School of Energy Healing

Category Healing
P.O. Box 144, , , , 82714

Bunny Sings Wolf Engberg "Re-indigenize" compassionate sovereign humans to understand the science behind the natural healing ways we EACH may NOW gather together globally in ONE-NESS with Mother Earth. Help us make the needed global IMPACT in a live-st ...

Category Gathering
5662 e 123rd drive, , , , 80602

My art instruments are pencils and colored pencils, this is quite unique and gives special effects to my subject. I hand draw your dog with colors and lots of passion into a beautiful portrait. A custom portrait takes anywhere from six to eight weeks. My ...

Category Art
Kathy Ray

I am a reader who has over 30 years of experience. My mother was psychic as well. I am also Clairaudient, Clairvoyant & an Empath. I do mediumship readings as well as Tarot readings. My goal is to provide compassionate guidance by tapping into my extrasen ...

Category Readings
1361 Elm St Ste #3, , , , 59601

A welcoming home-like environment for nervous system healing. The nervous system is the strongest operating system on this earth, when it is clear of subluxations. Through gentle and intuitive instrument assisted adjustments, Dr. Becca will get your body ...

Category Healing
Wellness Montana
8332 Huffine Ln #5, , , , 59718

Wellness Montana is here to inspire you with the desire to live vibrantly! It’s our passion to give you the resources to live pain-free and well-functioning. We believe that health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is a state of op ...

Category Healing
Body of 9

Numbers tell the truth. And each of us has our own special one, from 1 to 9, which is the key to who we are, how we think, react, act, and interact. The Body of 9 system reveals those innate differences, helps us learn to resolve them, brings us closer to ...

Katalyst Holistic Life Coaching
521 E Peach St Suite B, Bozeman, MT 59715, , , , 59715

Category Healing
3 Dimensional Health & Wellness
218 Broadway St, , , , 59644

Mission Our mission is to bring exceptional, one stop multi-dimensional healthcare directly to our patients and clients through dynamic solutions in natural medicine, nutrition and fitness. Our Focus and Goal Providing a mutlidimensional approach to ...

Category Healthcare
143 Tarot
3325 Wylie Dr, , , , 59601

Do you find yourself full of doubts when it comes to the future? Is the uncertainty distressing? 143 tarot is a tarot card reading service that can give you advice and help provide some direction when it comes to the truth about your future. If you have q ...

Category Readings
Angel Insights Tarot by Kim

Angel Tarot card readings specializing in romance, career or life purpose. ​Come get a message from your Angels! Angel card readings Angel Tarot Angel messages Many moons ago I had an 'Angelic experience' with a beautiful, huge Angel ...

Category Readings
Breathe Massage Therapy
The Grove, 108 E Lyndale Ave, , , , 59601

What if one hour focused on your body could make a difference to your whole week? This is at the heart of Breathe Massage Therapy. Whether your week consists of hiking on the trails, sitting at your desk, caring for children, recovering from cancer t ...

Category Healing
Energy & Flow
1601 2nd Ave N, Great Falls, MT 59401, , , , 59401

Millie is a Maya descendant and has been surrounded by alternative therapies her whole life. She is a Reiki Master certified by La Federacion Española de Reiki, Spanish Reiki Association. And since then has been helping people find an alternative and happ ...

Category Healing
523 E. Front, Suite #522, , , , 59701

Stephanne Cox is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Psychic Medium helping others connect to the infinite knowledge of the universe so that they can be divinely guided in their daily life and so much more!

Raye's of Light
, , , 59602

Raye Vincent with Raye's of Light: Raye specializes in assisting women in enhancing their overall mind, body, spirit wellness and well-being through meditation coaching, sound bath therapy, yoga, sexual health and intuitive card readings and moonology. Ra ...

Category Healing
Belinda L Rhodes LMT, PBP
116 E 3rd St #204, Moscow, ID 83843, , , , 83843

Belinda L Rhodes LMT, PBP Professional Bowenwork Practitioner. Bowen Therapy uses a light touch and gentle movements, specifically applied to facilitate the innate healing ability within the body. I first discovered Bowen Therapy during a training for ...

Category Healing
Dancing Rainbow Natural Grocery
9 S Montana St, , , , 59701

Dancing Rainbow Natural Grocery is a full health food store serving Butte and southwest Montana. Sunday Closed Monday 9:30 AM–5:30 PM Tuesday 9:30 AM–5:30 PM Wednesday 9:30 AM–5:30 PM Thursday 9:30 AM–5:30 PM Friday 9:30 AM–5:30 PM Sa ...

Category Store
Ancient Elements Massage
1220 Corral St, , , , 590701

Step into Ancient Elements and experience the power of touch and the ancient art of healing.

Category Healing
Anthony J Carvalho ND PLLc
, , , 59601

As a naturopathic doctor, I work as a partner with you in your healing process to educate and empower you to make your own informed healthcare decisions. Even for long-term chronic health conditions, there generally are always options worth considering.

Category Healthcare
Desta-nation Crafts

Desta-nation Crafts specializes in unique bags for unique people. Whether you are looking for cute, geeky, or spooky, Desta-nation Crafts has something for everyone. Custom fabrics from independent fabric designers are used to help highlight your personal ...

Category Store
Tachini Drums
7746 15th Ave NE, , , , 98118

Handmade Native American Drums and Supplies for Sale Welcome to Tachini Drums, the online home of multiple handmade Native American drums and supplies for sale. For over 20 years, we have been selling authentic Native American drum products in traditio ...

Core Wellness
630 N Last Chance Gulch, , , , 59601

Functional and Integrative Medicine. Balanced Medicine That Helps You Achieve Your Best Health Possible.

Category Healthcare
Three Rivers Natural Medicine
1201 W Main St, , , , 59840

Welcome To Three Rivers Natural Medicine We are a Naturopathic and Acupuncture clinic offering individualized, innovative, safe and effective therapies to facilitate healing and prevent disease. We are skilled at matching Natural therapies (homeopathy, ...

Category Healthcare
Cheryl Barry
48 Tail Feather Ln unit d, , , , 59718

Welcome Thank you for visiting. I have a passion for helping people Awaken Joy in their lives. All too often we find ourselves stuck in a rut feeling like there has to be more to life than this. There Is! Our natural state is one of joy, so if yo ...

Category Readings
Eaglewoman Reiki
1926 Wall St., , , , 59701

Shamanic Reiki sessions - Shamanic tools for sale My name is Kim Doney-Boyle, and I am honored to share a bit about myself today. I am an enrolled member of the Little Shell Chippewa-Cree Tribe of Montana, connecting me to my indigenous heritage which ...

Category Store
Dynamic Health Technologies
950 N Montana Ave Suite 1, Helena, MT 59601, , , , 59601

Our mission is to promote wellness through technologies, service, and information in a relaxed atmosphere. Dynamic Health is moving forward with technology that honors ancient wisdom in body, mind and spirit. Light therapies, oxygen, passive exercise a ...

Category Healthcare
Montana Harvest Natural Food
1710 Grand Avenue, , , , 59102

Get the Tools You Need to Live Healthier Stop by at a natural food shop in Billings, MT Let's face it - getting all the vitamins and minerals you need through your diet is challenging. Thankfully, you can get your daily dose by taking dietary suppleme ...

Category Store
Holistic Healing Fair
46 View Vista Dr, , , , 59047

Livingston LightWorks is the brain-child of Sarah Taylor. She saw a need for more connection in our community and wanted to bring together alternative healing practitioners, spiritual leaders and everyone who has an interest in connecting more to their sp ...

Category Gathering

Daeryl Holzer is a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Artist. Visit her website for books, meditation card sets, and sacred ceramic wares. also find out about her upcoming local workshops and offerings. BOOKS: Opening A Window To The Soul: A ...

Category Readings
Katie & Boo - The Luminous Collection

Unique Handmade jewelry using soldered gemstones and metals with focus on moon phases and tarot. Large focal pieces. Necklaces, earrings and unique gemstone rings. Necklaces Earrings Gemstone rings ​Focal pieces with focus on moon ph ...

Category Store
Eclipse Community Yoga
1361 Elm St #7, , , , 59601

At Eclipse Community Yoga, we believe everyone should have access to the many benefits of yoga. A sense of community and connection are at the heart of what we do. We strive to provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone is free to be ...

Category Exercise
Yoga Training (Touch); Home Studio, & Personalized Retreat
18 S Harrison Ave studio 18A & Suite B, Helena, MT 59601, , , , 59601

Yoga Therapy was established & registered in 2009 with virtual sessions provided to & from anywhere. Invitations from the Home Studio and Personalized Retreat at the Lower Level of 18 South Harrison located near the base of Mount Helena, one of the United ...

Category Exercise
Between the Worlds
205 W Main St, , , , 59840

Welcome to Between the Worlds For many people, we are more than a store. We are an experience. A place of comfort. A one of a kind gift shop. A home for the spiritual seeker. Whatever your reason, welcome, and thank you for shopping with us!

Category Store

The Montana Emu Ranch Company is located in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana, about 65 miles south of the Canadian Border. Here the air is pristine, the water is pure and the intent of our mission is authentic. The Montana Emu Ranch Company is ded ...

Category Animals
Shanda Inc. Salon
1125 Missoula Ave, , , , 59601

Category Readings
1611 Cedar Street, #1, , , , 59601

Assisting you with Awakening, Aligning, Healing & Living Your Light. Sessions/Workshops/Coaching/Certification Seminars Sacred Journey Programs

Category Healing
Soul: A Healing Center
101 S Wallace Ave Suite 201, , , , 59715

Let your authentic soul shine. Welcome to Soul: A Healing Center—a place of serenity and authenticity. When you walk through the doors of Soul, you are walking through the doors of your unique soul. Our accomplished and compassionate healers at So ...

Category Healing
235 S Main Street, , , , 54853

Light Up Your Life: More Than Just Light Therapy, It's a Healing Journey Shine brighter and reclaim your well-being with In Joy Light Therapy & Welness, your sanctuary for natural pain relief and holistic healing.I go beyond conventional methods, offerin ...

Category Healing
Soul Synergy Body Works
1611 Cedar St #3, Helena, MT 59601, , , , 59601

I tailor the therapy to the needs of my clients. I use hot stones, cupping, and tuning forks in addition to my massage therapies. Hot stones are used to ease tension and relax tight muscles. Cupping lifts and relaxes the fasha from the muscle, additionall ...

Category Healing
Remedy Health
2291 Caballo Ave., Unit 1, , , , 59718

Remedy Health offers a wide variety of medical services to treat our Bozeman community and beyond.

Category Healthcare
Oasis Healing Arts
120 Snowy Owl Trail, , , , 59718

Oasis Healing Arts offers integrative healing sessions customized to client`s needs that may include: massage, energy, crsytal and sound healing, oracle cards readings, PEMF and detox foot baths.

Category Art
Mobile DNA Elements
146 3rd Avenue West, , , , 59901

Mobile DNA Elements is a business that started as a molecular biology laboratory in a motorhome. It has evolved to include various aspects of energetic balancing of the body to relieve emotional blocks that hinder a person from expressing their full poten ...

Moon Song Mystic
2400 Old Fort Rd 3rd Floor, Missoula, MT 59804, , , , 59804

Tarot Therapy - Guided Healing As a Lightworker I channel Spirit and use tarot to facilitate inner healing, bringing harmony to the chakras and balance to the mind, heart, and body. We will visit the past, often times connecting you to your inner child, ...

Category Readings
44 East Main, , , , 59718

Co-op Downtown’s expansive self-serve hot bar and salad bar make it one of the best spots downtown to grab a bite to eat. With a menu that changes daily, specializing in fresh cuisine and flavors from around the world, it’s easy to see why. Whether you ne ...

Category Store
Mindful Therapy
2050 Fairway Dr #107, , , , 59715

Temporarely Closed Hypnosis is a unique tool that can make big changes in your life. Helping you to move forward! Douglas & Kelly Bell are excited to provide hypnotherapy services in the Bozeman area. Call today for a free phone consultation about ...

Category Healthcare
Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic, Inc.
1629 Avenue D Building C Suite C-1, , , , 59102

Natural solutions Better healthcare Find the root cause of your health issues. We provide Billings, MT access to the world’s most advanced alternative and holistic technologies. Without drugs or needles, we can improve 200+ health conditions that affec ...

Category Healing
Dorfstrasse 27, , , , CH-4618

- Heilmedium - Geistiges Heilen - Reiki- Meisterin - Geistige Wirbelsäulenufrichtung - Spirituelle Kunst - Mandala-Workshops - Spirituelle Anlässe Ich begleite Menschen in ihre Selbstheilung durch erkennen, wer sie wirklich sind! Meine Energiebilde ...

Category Healing
Synergy Health and Wellness
630 N Last Chance Gulch Suite 2400, , , , 59601

Dr. Natalie Gonzales, D.O. Synergy Health and Wellness is an Integrative and Functional Medicine practice that offers in-person and online services. We are currently accepting new patients from the entire state of Montana, from the comfort of their own h ...

Category Healthcare
Sage Woman Healing and Massage
8 W. Park St., #207, , , , 59701

I facilitate the release of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical trauma in the body by utilizing integrative massage therapy techniques, energy healing, and intuition. My work is a collaborative effort with my client as they intentionally open them ...

Category Healing
1528 W Main St., , , , 59715

Strength. Healing. Magic. SHÈN offers Sports Medicine, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Chiropractic adjustments, Functional Medicine, Microneedling, Massage Therapy, and a Curated Health and wellness shop in Bozeman Montana. Why SHÈN? Everyone deserves to ...

Category Healing
Jasmine Wallace - The Elements of Fate

Jasmine is a refined Intuitive Mentor with great life coaching experience. She offers different facets of divination and energy healing. This includes Tarot, Oracle, Astrological Charm Readings and Mediumship readings. With these practices Jasmine int ...

Category Readings
Barjon's Books & Curiosities
223 N 29th St., , , , 59101

We are proud to offer the largest selection of alternative spiritual resources in Montana. You will find a huge selection of books for personal development, inner exploration and healing, as well as many resources on various religious ideas from around th ...

Category Store
Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic
720 N 30th St, , , , 59101

We are a family health and wellness clinic serving the people of southeastern Montana, northern Wyoming, and the western Dakotas. Caring for the whole person, we seek to restore in every patient the energy and vitality that nature intended. Established ...

Category Healthcare
Montana Wilderness Reiki

By Kate Sorensen

Category Healing
Horse Sense Healing LLC
82 Norris Rd., , , , 59602

Through the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, the magical healing of horses and Gestalt, we assist adults, youth, couples and families to raise their vibration, to heal the old stories of limitation and pain and create stories of possibilities, of courage, ...

Category Animals
Ensō Natural Medicine
875 Bridger Drive, Unit J, , , , 59715

Ensō offers wellness focused healthcare in the fields of Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs & Supplements, Massage, Nutrition & Nervous system focused bodywork with highly skilled practitioners.

Category Healthcare
Montana Connections Network

Montana Holistic Directory Creating conscious connections by opening the heart and mind to the spirit within

Category Websites
Beautiful Eire's Jewelry

Ambyr is a Billings, MT native who uses her intuition to choose and wrap the most stunning pieces. She has a unique outlook on life and is continuously positive no matter what is happening. She has completed some college and works at the Billings airport. ...

Category Store
Eric Tither, L.Ac.
2210 Harrison Ave, Butte, MT 59701, , , , 59701

Healing Is A Matter of Time, But It Is Sometimes Also A Matter Of Opportunity. ~Hippocrates

Category Healthcare
Ocean Spirit Massage
7 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601, , , , 59601

Massage, the healing arts, as well as art itself is a powerful tool for healing. Our bodies function more fully after a massage, arts, via connection through sound, frequency, touch, visual, etc as art ourselves. By creating a systematic response of heal ...

Category Healing

Join in the FREE Meditation Event for Humanity and Our World every week throughout the year. We are not constricted by linear 3D conception such as Time and Space as We Connect in Spirit in The NOW. You can choose a time convenient for You and You Will be ...

Category Gathering
PO Box 1774, , , , 59624

INSPIRIT provides a reliable and safe environment to help people feel comfortable and empowered with their sexuality. We are a company that arms everyone with real-life tools to enhance their sexual education, pleasure, and confidence. We have develop ...

Category Healthcare
A Drop Of Wellness
2555 W. College St Apt #28, , , , 59718

As an Accunect Energy Medicine Practitioner I am offering the choices of a basic organ or chakra energy balancing but may bring in other modalities like sound healing, crystal healing, nutrition counseling, chronic pain management suggestions, astrology t ...

Category Healing
Arbonne  - Martina Rodoni
1408 Ash Drive, , , , 59715

The Arbonne Promise - CLEAN. CONSCIOUS. CONNECTED.™ As a company, Arbonne has been driving the healthy living movement forward for over 40 years, creating positive change within the health & wellness industry, within our customers’ and consultants’ lives ...

Feathered Pipe Ranch
2409 Bear Creek Rd, , , , 59601

Yoga. Conscious Living. Peace. Nestled in the pulsing heart of the northern Rocky Mountains is a place unlike any other - Feathered Pipe Ranch.

Category Exercise
Kaydee Desjarlais The Remedy
1302 Avenue D Billings, , , , 59102

At The Remedy, we believe that when we heal ourselves through empowerment, love and truth we take on the great responsibility to create a new paradigm shift of sovereignty in which we no longer look outside ourselves to fulfill our own destiny. We instea ...

Category Healing
Tuning In LLC
125 S Broadway, , , , 59752

Katelyn Coon is a multi-modality Certified Practitioner and Energy Work Consultant. A variety of different offerings that bring energetic balance raise vitality. Kinesiology (muscle testing), Reflexology (Foot Massage), BioTuning (sound therapy), Reiki, ...

Category Healthcare
St8neWalker Stone Massage
107 Pine Street, , , , 82720

Bunny Sings Wolf Engberg Experience the healing energy of Mother Earth with traditional spiritual "stone medicine" by an authentic traditional spiritually mentored Lakota stone medicine woman and licensed massage therapist employing naturally wild gath ...

Category Healthcare
Touch of wellness
601 Newlan Creek rd, , , , 59645

PEMF ( Pulsed electromagnetic field). It is like a battery charger for your cells. It is the same energy that is in the earths ground but mine is in a box. What can it do for you? PEMF is intended to maintain or encourage a general state of health ...

Category Animals
Goldylocks Productions

Goldylocks Productions broadcasts professional Podcasts and Live Streamed Shows in the Spiritual, Metaphysical and Holistic Health & Wellness genres.

Home Bio Sessions Children Blog Songbird Healing

Welcome! I'm Rebecca Coursey, a board certified Structural Integrator. I run Songbird Healing Studio in Bozeman, Montana to help people live better lives.

Category Healing
Sophia’s Lavender and Herb Farm
19632 Six Mile Rd, , , , 59846

Sophia’s Garden by Karrie Westwood is a beautiful place of healing, joy, creativity and light. We create products, retreats and workshops that captivate the body, mind, senses and soul. Our beautiful plants, lavender labyrinth, healing room, and tea room ...

P.O. Box 1152, , , , 82644

Magnetic energy is the strongest natural force in the universe and the power of magnets is one of the most basic powers of nature. The use of magnetic therapy for health and well-being has an ancient history dating back thousands of years. It dates al ...

Category Art
605 W Park Street, , , , 59701

Contemporary café serving locally- sourced coffee, brunch, baked goods, and craft cocktails. Vegan, Vegetarian, & Gluten Free options are available! Monday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Tuesday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Wednesday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Thursday 9:00 am - ...

Category Store
3206 Warbler Way, #14, , , , 59718

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation in 90 days with organic superfood nutrition. Living, healthy soils grow living, nutrient dense food! • RESET CRAVINGS • INCREASE ENERGY • ENJOY RESTFUL SLEEP • HORMONE BALANCE • LIFT BRAIN FOG • IMPROVE DIGESTIO ...

​Arkaya Shakti Wellness & Ayurveda
1500 N Broadway, , , , 59101

Pushing the boundaries of “just bodywork”, our message is radical self love and connection of body, mind, and spirit. Our bodywork, whether it is Massage, Reflexology, Ayurveda, or a blended treatment is rooted in connection to divine source. We work with ...

Hot Yoga Helena
206 W Lawrence St #5B, , , , 59601

World Class Teachers Hot Yoga, HIIT, and MORE! Far Infrared Heating Limited Class Sizes Individual Attention In the Room and On Zoom

Category Exercise
Stranger Things
522 Central Ave, , , , 59401

We have a lot of different crystals and stones along with witchy and crystal grab bags and boxes. We have a large selection of books, tarot cards, Incense, and herbs.

Category Store
7 Paradise Ranch Rd, , , , 59047

Holistic Animal Wellness services available in person and by distance since 2006. We help animal professionals, pet parents and animal lovers expand their intuition and innate abilities through offering body, mind and spirit assistance that enables animal ...

Category Animals
Sage Wellness Center
330 Highway 2 East, , , , 59759

Sage Wellness Center offers a range of natural and energy-based services including Quantum Biofeedback, Breathwork, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Theta Healing. We also offer a variety of homeopathic, herbal, and clean self-care products. We aim to help you ...

Category Healing
Wild Oak Wellness
800 Lola Street, , , , 59601

At Wild Oak Wellness we offer: Hypnotherapy, Life Transformational Coaching. Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Ionic Foot Bath, Skin Therapy, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Reiki, Sound Bath Therapy, Guided Meditation, Yog ...

Category Places
Sister Earth Creations - (Private Studio)
Private Studio Visit by Apt Only, 2500 Great Northern Ave, , , , 59808

Sister Earth Creations w/ Dianne: Intuitive Readings, ​Spiritual Life Coaching & Mind Body Calming, Coping Skills & Spiritual & Bio-Energy Healing. I am an experienced Intuitive Reader of 30+ years. I use my one-of-a-kind card system, that I invented ...

Category Readings
Sacred Path Healing
, , , 59602

Brenda Carey is a holistic healer and coach for empaths and HSP. She blends the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and other energy healing modalities. She is a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator and offers continuing education workshops for Yog ...

Category Healing
244 Tuke Ln, , , , 59754

OPTIMIZING HEALTH AND WELLNESS I am excited to be offering holistic and functional medicine for Southwest MT. I also offer diagnostic lab services with test kits shipped directly to the patient and offer vitamins and supplements at discounted rates throu ...

Category Healthcare
Divine Line LLC

Divine Line: creations & healing Connecting you to your divine powers through the little things in life. Owner & creator, Erica, offers reiki sessions, holistic spiritual life coaching, feather & gem earrings, her DivineLine oracle deck, & more! She’s ju ...

Category Healing
FB Holistic Marketplace USA

This group was created to promote more unity in the spiritual community. Let's raise consciousness and help others on their healing journey. It is all about awareness, self-empowerment, personal growth, compassion, and healing. We want to spread knowledge ...

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Sparrow Holistic medicine
417 West Mendenhall, , , , 59715

We strive to empower our patients and nurture vibrant, balanced living. Our clinic is a nest of good medicine and supportive community. At Sparrow, we offer Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, Pilates, Foundat ...

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Peak Chiropractic PLLC - Balanced Holistic Healthcare
1225 Birch St Suite C, , , , 59601

The Journey to a Healthy You... When you come to our clinic, we will address all of the negative factors that are affecting your health. We evaluate your body individually to create a health program just for your body. There are six keys to creating s ...

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Dowsing With Codes
, , , 33770

Arunas is an international healer-educator. He belongs to the category of healers that holds documented evidence backed by ultrasound, lab test, thermography, video recording, pictures and diary of his clients. His list of successful healings includes emo ...

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Healing Within
25 S. Ewing St. #213, , , , 59601

I Catherine Morris/Vishnu Priya have meditated for over 30 years through this meditation I have been blessed with the ability to see angels and ghosts. I also have the recognition how prayer and meditation have helped bring an ability to do Healing with m ...

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The McKay Method®

Grow Your Energetic Abilities and Become a Healing Force in the World... We’re all responding to energy, all the time. Once you become consciously aware of energy patterns and flow, you will see how these dynamics impact our relationships, communicati ...

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Grizzly Meadows Jewelry

Hand-crafted Natural Gemstone Jewelry. Rocks, Crystals, specimens and carvings. Organic Soaps, Smudges and Hand-dipped incense. Tarot and Oracle Cards, Tote Bags, Tapestries, Dream catchers, Swarovski suncatchers. Cash, Venmo, PayPal & Credit Cards accept ...

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Sacred Geometry Gems

We hold deep reverence for crystals and gemstones and their potential for use in self-healing, energy work and spiritual practices. Crystals & Gemstones have been honored in ancient and tribal cultures for centuries, and used as amulets for strength, prot ...

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Vintage Apothecary
118 S Main Bridger, , , , 59014

Meet with Melissa Scianna, Natural Healer, about your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness - because everything is connected. Get recommendations for the herbals, teas, oils and services that can make your life more focused, calmer and healthier. ...

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Butte Crystals & Spiritual Wellness, LLC
400 W Park, , , , 59701

Butte Crystals & Spiritual Wellness, LLC, is a one-stop shop metaphysical shop! We offer a wide variety of crystals, cards, saging products, jewelry & gifts. We also provide channeled readings, color light bed healing (memberships available), past life jo ...

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Montana Megaliths -  Julie Ryder

Ancient megalithic sites have been discovered in the state of Montana​ in the USA ​ ​Towering dolmens, ancient statues, polygonal block granite walls, pyramid complexes ​and stacked circular terraces rise above the forest floor. Stone art sculptures ...

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Tizer Botanical Gardens & Arboretum
38 Tizer Lake Road, , , , 59638

Located near Jefferson City, Montana, in the heart of the Elkhorn Mountains, Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum offers visitors 6 acres of stunning gardens and arboretum to explore with more than one-half mile of trails, a diverse Garden Center, a beautifu ...

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Coach Rainy

Coach Rainy helps individuals and groups to clarify their goals and create plans to achieve them, by nurturing their ability for self-discovery and exploration. Coach Rainy is a certified life coach with decades of coaching experience in individual and wo ...

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Tina Hook

My own souls journey has led me down a spiritual path filled with magical gifts and discovery of more. It began with tarot, which is the story of the souls journey. I’m not gonna lie, it continues to blow me away! Recently, a new beautiful gift has emerge ...

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Dr. Brooke Bertelson, ND
1227 Broadwater Ave, , , , 59102

Compassionate Healthcare My mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. I aim to provide a safe place for people share their personal struggles with their health and energy. I like to offer hope and ideas to get people to reclaim t ...

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The Spirit of Wyoming Expo

The Spirit of Wyoming offers semi-annual metaphysical & holistic expos and health & wellness conferences in Wyoming and Utah! We host amazing vendors from all across the country who bring in a variety of products, practices, and tools to the holistic comm ...

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Feiring's Grassfed Beef
16851 21st St SW, Beach, ND 58621, , , , 58621

Feiring's Grassfed Beef is located in the rolling plains of western North Dakota, on the Montana border. We have been raising registered Angus cattle since 1982 and grassfed beef since 2014. We started raising grassfed beef after listening to Dr. Don Hube ...

Joanna L. Dove, ND
910 E Lyndale, , , , 59601

Compassionate & comprehensive prevention & treatment for the whole family. Dr. Joanna Dove, N.D., L.Ac. is a naturapathic physician with a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Dove's practice is located at 910 E Lyndale, Helena Montana. ...

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Higher Self Wellness LLC
1212 Grand Ave, Suite 8, , , , 59102

I am a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master, and Intuitive Tarot Reader in Billings, MT. In massage, I target acute and chronic pain using Swedish massage techniques, stretches, and range of motion exercises that produce therapeutic results. Every ses ...

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Full Circle Health and Wellness
202 2nd Ave S Suite 102, , , , 59405

STOP WAITING. START LIVING. Nobody should have to suffer from symptoms of aging. Thanks to the innovative therapies and treatments that are available to us, Full Circle Health and Wellness medical providers completely personalize these options to meet yo ...

Natural Grocers
304 S 24th Street W, , , , 59102

Natural Food Store in Billings, MT At Natural Grocers Billings, fresh groceries aren’t just what we do — they’re our commitment to you. We’ve been providing the best produce, dietary supplements and vitamins, body care products, and free nutrition educ ...

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PO Box 838, , , , 57747

Sound Healing & Vibrational Attunement with Crystal & Himalayan Singing Bowls, Voice, Drum and Tuning Forks. Groups and Individual Sessions. Remote / Online and In-Person. Intuitive Energy Work, Emotion Code (Ancestral Healing, Chronic Pain, Relationshi ...

Category Art
7600 Shedhorn Drive, , , , 59718

The Happy Lyon Center works on solving authentic real-world problems and gently bring the spiritual part of ourselves forward into our conscious awareness. We are a cohort of bodywork, hypnotists and other energy workers walking with seekers to find self- ...

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Real Food Store
1096 Helena Avenue, , , , 59601

REAL FOOD Our name says it all. We carry all the foods a healthy family needs, including organic produce, strictly grass-fed Montana-grown meats and an award-winning deli, along with bulk foods, dietary supplements and one of the best selections of bulk ...

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Safe Passage's time to come home. Life is about learning and growing; choosing love more than fear; blossoming and becoming-- being who we came here to be.

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Northern Lights Yoga
9 W Placer Ave, Helena, MT 59601, , , , 59601

We have been serving the Northern Rockies with a large variety of weekly classes and many weekend and week-long workshops for over twenty-six years. With over eighty years of combined Iyengar Yoga teaching experience, our most important gift is the hig ...

Category Exercise
Blue Lotus - Boutique & Wellness Studio
601 E Cottonwood St, , , , 59715

Blue Lotus is a boutique and wellness studio located in the funky arts district in the north end of Bozeman, Montana. Blue Lotus provides all the tools and treasures a modern spiritual seeker needs, with handmade jewelry and art, unique and creative goods ...

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Wellness Mary LLC

Mary is an ordained spiritualist minister, a visionary, a certified spiritual counselor, a certified holistic health coach and natural born intuitive empath. Her gifts are primarily clairaudience and clairsentient. Mary uses cards as a vessel to tap into ...

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Lone Raven Art & Studio

The yearnings of my soul call to me to create and to heal. I want to help my patrons and clients find their own inner balance where body, mind, and spirit are in flow and work together. I connect with spirit primarily through the energetic vibrations of c ...

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Marys Health Foods
2564 King Ave. W., Suite J, , , , 59102

Mary's is a full spectrum health food store serving local & regional customers with a friendly & helpful staff. Our Products: natural vitamins & supplements, homeopathics, herbs, books, organic produce, vegetarian & frozen foods, sports & weight loss ...

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Quantum Heart Hypnosis
1504 Williams St, , , , 59601

Experiencing a Quantum Healing Session can be very transformational. It is invaluable to have the opportunity to experience other lives you have lived, meet your guides or spirit family, and/or understand yourself as an infinite spiritual being. A Quantum ...

Category Healing
PO Box 1111, , , , 59632

Light Worker Network Liwonet brings together people from all corners of the holistic and metaphysical landscape, to become a one stop shop for seekers to find whatever your practice is! If you or someone you know has a business that would fit in on ...

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Find Your Light
1629 Avenue D Suite B5, Billings, MT 59102, , , , 59102

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. You’re reading this because you have unanswered questions. You know on some level that you’re feeling uncomfortable because you’re on the cusp of powerful growth. You’re starting a journey, but you’re not sure where that ...

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Gesundheit! Nutrition Center
2855 N 19th Ave., Suite N, , , , 59718

A Unique, Locally-Owned Supplement Store Our mission is to provide you with high-quality dietary supplements to complement and improve your quality of life. Visit the Gesundheit!

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Meadowlark Natural Medicine
501 E. Front St. Ste 509A, , , , 59702

A Meadowlark is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom as well as a reminder to find balance in one’s body, mind, and spirit. At Meadowlark Natural Medicine, it is Dr. Reap’s goal to teach and support the whole person, providing an opportunity to reach new ...

Category Healthcare
Holistic Bodywork Therapy
31 W Park Street, , , , 59701

I help people to overcome anxiety, depression, and chronic pain naturally through a truly holistic and individualized approach to therapy. Utilizing the magical ability of the Tarot to connect and guide you, we journey together through your physical, ment ...

Category Healing
Mariposa Massage
1221 Echelon Pl Suite D, Helena, MT 59602, , , , 59601

Therapeutic Massage your mind & body will love. Our variety of healing services & caring therapists help you relax and find the self-care and healing you deserve.

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A Land Of Grass Ranch
564 Graham Ranch Lane, , , , 59425

A Land of Grass raises natural grass-fed beef and lamb because it is good for the land and good for you. We realize everything comes from the sun. We harvest grass, the sun's bounty, in the form of beef and lamb. Low fat, grassfed meat tastes better, too. ...

Get Right Reiki
Unity of Billings 9 14th St. W., , , , 59102

Get Right Reiki is located in the Unity Church of Billings. In the past year of being part of the Unity family, my healing has only improved, becoming stronger and my intuition has also flourished. You can find crystals, sage, and aromatherapy located in ...

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EZ Rocking Ranch
1050 Bitter Creek, , , , 82725

located just south of the Montana border, produces high quality grassfed beef and provides a healthy and delicious alternative to the feed-lot beef sold in most supermarkets today. Our beef is raised naturally, without steroids, hormones and antibiotics. ...

Sage & Oats Trading Post
424 N Last Chance Gulch, , , , 59601

Sage & Oats Trading Post is a Native owned, brick and mortar boutique retail shop in downtown Helena, Montana offering Intertribal gifts which celebrate our diversity. Thanks for shopping Native made and Native owned. Nea’ese, Major (Northern Cheyenne) & ...

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Aniara Spiritual Life
, , , 59601

I offer spirit-energized jewelry as well as educating/guiding individuals through spiritual crafting workshops. Helping seekers to find the spirit within through the creation of energies and symbology found in the natural world. Various bracelets and e ...

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The Source Wellness Center.
420 W. Mendenhall St., , , , 59715

We treat the source of your health issues with natural therapies so you can feel your best and enjoy life. More Energy. Less Pain. Do More.

Category Healthcare
Druzy’s Gems & Minersls
na, , , , 59715

Welcome to Druzy's Gems & Minerals We provide a wide selection of affordable products to our customers. We do our best to offer a variety of elegant accent pieces for your home or office along with unique one of a kind handmade jewelry items, all of wh ...

Category Store
2812 1st Avenue North, Suite 414, , , , 59101

Deborah is a certified Reiki Master. She helps clients transform their lives with energy healing, blending Reiki with Crystal Light Therapy, as well as sound frequencies, for a fully immersive experience. You can visit her in her relaxing practice. Debora ...

Category Healing
Helena Healing
1427 Helena Avenue, , , , 59601

Demaris Rae Bruce, is a certified stone medicine practitioner, an advanced Theta healer, intuitive healer, and massage therapist. traditional stone medicine. Holy Fire III Reiki I & Reiki II Practitioner offering healing sessions for Body/Mind/Spirit ...

Category Healing
Good's Holistic Healing
1925 Grand Ave STE 138, , , , 59102

What is “Holistic Healing?” What is Reiki? What is spiritual mentoring? What is Meditation? In this video, we talk about not only what these entail, but what is offered at Good’s Holistic Healing.

Category Healing
Great Turning Healing Center
81 west Kagy Blvd, , , , 59715

Our mission at Great Turning Healing Center is to promote optimal health, well being, and inner peace through collaborative natural health care. Our approach blends acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal remedies, nutrition, and health educati ...

Category Healthcare
Garden of Beauty Hair Salon
100 Central Ave Suite 200, , , , 59401

It's time to get your hair cut ‘spiritually’. “Our hair fashions might be just a trend, but if we investigate, we may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality.” -Yogi Bhajan

Stephanie Nymeyer

Stephanie is a gifted psychic reader that wants to helps others achieve their soul’s potential. Stephanie has over 25 years as an energetic practitioner and healer. She can assist you in communicating with your spirit guides and higher frequencies to hel ...

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Natural Life News, formerly “Natural Life News & Directory” has been serving Montana and the West for over 20 years. Now digital, we are reaching a much wider audience. Sign up for your free digital subscription at the booth. Denis Ouellette, LMT, OBDS, ...

Yevette Zbinden Soul Discovery
600 Central Ave #110, Great Falls, MT 59401, , , , 59401

Yevette Zbinden THE Soul Whisperer I connect with Source Energy to share truth With You I am here for the service of igniting the light and awakening the truth within lightworkers. My telepathic abilities allow me to connect to your guides, higher ...

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Big Sky Integrative Health
8707 N. Jackrabbit Lane, Suite. E, , , , 59714

Serving Bozeman, Belgrade, and surrounding areas, Big Sky Integrative Health provides Naturopathic primary care and family medicine. We focus on building lasting relationships with patients and families. These close relationships help us deliver the m ...

Category Healthcare
101 Bickford Lane, , , , 59047

Tiffany Dennison offers Beyond Quantum Healing sessions (a branch of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT), Bowenwork- a beautiful fascia release modality that originated in Australia from Tom Bowen and QuantumPoint Crystal Light therapy. Her passion is helping individ ...

Category Gathering
Awakening In HIS Light
1131 East 3rd St, , , , 59701

Monique England has been on her healing journey for many years, healing, expanding and growing. She is a gifted psychic medium, intuitive empath & facilitator of transformation for the clients she serves. She is a Certified as a ThetaHealing® Instruct ...

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Body Mind Spirit Health & Wellness Day

Helena's Body Mind Spirit Health & Wellness Day is a fun, uplifting, and genuinely unique event! This annual event (in October) is made up of a community whose focus is based on the many areas of Health & Wellness including Alternative Healing Practice ...

Category Gathering
Sunshine Health Mine - Shellie Lee
130 Galena Gulch Road Boulder, MT 59632, , , , 59632

Our family purchased the Sunshine Health Mine in 2006. We offer Mine Visit packages of 32 hour minimum visits by reservation only. We also feature a Montana Artisans Gallery on the property in which we represent many talented Local Artists. Shellie teache ...

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Lou Rae Yoga LLC
21 Ruby River Dr, , , , 59749

Healing through Kundalini Yoga with Breathwork, Movement, Mantra and Meditation. Bridging the gap with science based guidance through a compassionate loving journey of body, mind, heart and soul. Sat Nam! Kundalini Yoga A therapeutic combination of Mo ...

Category Exercise
, , , 59601

Make Positive Life Changes for a complete, holistic approach to good health through massage, Iridology and herbs. Talk to Crystal Maceira! She is a Master Herbalist of over 35 years, Massage Therapist of over 23 years, and an Iridologist of over 11 yea ...

Category Healing
Aurora Speaks
22733 155th Ave, , , , 57719

I am here to encourage, guide, and love you as you discover the truth of who you truly are. It is my life's purpose to assist all who have a desire to play in the Light be able to do so. I am here to empower you during your transformational journey by l ...

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Capstone Studios

Discover a world of holistic wellness with Lorraina, visionary yoga instructor, cupping therapist and energy worker who's redefining the boundaries of well-being. Meticulously tailored to meet your individual needs. She's not just an instructor; she's you ...

Category Healthcare
One Fitness Studio
313 Broadway St, , , , 59044

Body Positive Fitness Studio! Feel comfortable and motivated to workout and achieve your fitness goal.

Category Exercise
Leaning Tree Therapeutics
119 1/2 E. Callender St, , , , 59047

Specializing in PAIN RELIEF FROM repetitive motion strain and chronic pain. Providing relief thru targeted massage, Neural Reset Therapy, Quantum Alignment Technique, & Hypnotherapy. Take a break at Leaning Tree Therapeutics-an UNCONVENTIONAL and HOL ...

Category Healing
The Elements of Fate - Jasmine Wallace
, , , 59105

Jasmine uses her intuitive abilities to connect with her guides, her clients, or spirits of loved ones on the other side when conducting readings. With her Clair-gifts, she strives to provide accuracy and validation, leaving her clients with a sense of pe ...

Category Readings
Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination
1203 U.S. Hwy 2 W, Kalispell, MT 59901, , , , 59901

Jwalan Muktikã is Sanskrit for flaming pearl, an ancient symbol for inspired wisdom. The Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination (JMSI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization, located in Kalispell, Montana, created with the single purpose ...

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We pe​rs​ona​lly make unique and original crystal grids with real gemstones Our Store has many, one of a kind, Healing Crystal Grids for sale. We hand wired these Crystal Grids us​ing copper wire and real gems. The gems are tumbled, polished, raw or gem ...

, , , 59601

Use clairsentience, clairaudience, and work with angels to provide guidance and energetic healing and activation. I channel messages and use channeling to clear energy and activate energetic centers/chakras.

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3380 Penwell Bridge Road, , , , 59714

Amaltheia is nestled at the base of the Bridger Mountains near Bozeman, Montana. We are a family run farm that makes great products while considering our impact on the land and have made it our priority to keep our property and Montana the beautiful plac ...

Todd Kintz, High Priest Silent Armoury

Todd Kintz, or Lord Breinus as he’s known in the world of medieval armor crafting, is the founder of The Silent Armoury. He specializes in custom made to order chain-mail shirts, cowls, and other pieces of authentically designed medival armor and accessor ...

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Diana MacDonald
, , , 59601

I am certified in Soul Purpose Mapping (Hand Analysis), Holy Fire Reiki, Intuitive Usui Reiki and ThetaHealing.

Category Readings
Freedom Bodyworks of Helena
950 N Montana Ave, , , , 59601

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a system of manipulations that uses a holistic model for balancing the connective tissues of the body, AKA "Fascia", in gravity. This is achieved through a framework of 10 sessions focusing on specific segments of the bo ...

Category Healing
Montana Sacred Sound
211 Grandview Blvd, , , , 59047

We offer a combination of Transformational breath work combined with a crystal bowl,gong and grounding bowl sound bath. We offer breath journeys on zoom and private therapeutic sound bowl sessions. We have a popular booth as participants can step into our ...

Category Healing
Bozeman Food Co-op West Main
908 West Main, , , , 59718

Our flagship store, Co-op West Main is a full service grocery store specializing in local and organic produce, meat and groceries. Here, you’ll find more than 600 items in bulk, specialty and ethnic ingredients, a wide selection of gluten-free and vegan p ...

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By age 35, over HALF of your Stem Cells are dormant. By age 60, almost ALL of them are dormant. Stem Cells are the repair cells of your body. Less stem cell activity means aging faster and healing slower. Apply our Stem Cell patch to reactivate YOU ...

Everhope Clinic
3310 2nd Ave North, , , , 59101

A clinic for those who insist on A New Approach to Health Dr. Stevens is a naturopathic physician who considers herself a medical detective for those who are not finding answers via traditional medicine, helping them regain their health and vitality ...

Category Healthcare
EARTHSIDE: Perpetual Medicine
108 W Main St, , , , 59741

Ayurveda - Reiki - Health Kinesiology Manhattan Montana - Bozeman Montana Treat Yourself: BETTER EARTHSIDE is committed to restoring optimal health for every person, & every body, through energy integration, lifestyle alignment & nutritional wisdom. ...

Mindful Tapping Solutions
336 Brookfield Dr., , , , 59602

Tracy is an experienced EFT tapping practitioner. She specializes in guiding individuals towards emotional healing and personal empowerment. By gentle tapping on specific meridian points, EFT helps release negative emotions, reduce stress, and promote ove ...

Category Healing
Vicki Wiepking - Holistic Wellness Coach
201 S Willson Ave d, , , , 59715

Are You Ready for Success? Working with a wellness coach could be the one factor that changes everything for you.

2050 Fairway Dr, Suite #104, , , , 59715

Wild Betty Healing Arts is a holistic wellness approach to understanding the mind, body, soul, spirit connection to empower each client to reclaim their wholeness, holiness, and energetic sovereignty. Ally works at the intersection of the earth and energe ...

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